Benefits of Dillon's Trees

The benefits of Dillon's public trees are numerous.  The Dillon Tree Board utilizes the USDA i-Trees Program to inventory and calculate the benefits and values of the public trees in the Dillon Community.  The values are calculated from energy savings, storm-water run-off, air quality, CO2 reduction, and aesthetic value.

The average annual benefits in dollars per tree is around $90 dollars.
A Total Benefit for all of Dillon's Public Trees is $185,250 Annually. 
This is a significant figure for a small town.

Some of the many benefits trees provide:    Reduce Stormwater Runoff     Protect Water Quality    Reduce Air Pollution   Energy Demands    Lower Summer Air Temperature    Improve Human Health and Well-being 

  Increase Workplace Productivity   Provide Wildlife Habitat  Enhance Property Values Improve Concentration and Academic Achievement  Provide Beauty and Natural Aesthetics    Reduce Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide