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Ever hear of the Emerald Ash Borer?  It could be devastating to our green ash trees here in Dillon when it arrives.  That is why the Dillon Tree Board promotes species diversity in our town and has planted several species to replace the green ash and prepare for this invader.  To learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer, click the link below.

Arbor Day 2020
10 Years of being a Tree City USA

Dillon Arbor Day Celebration 2019 - Click Video

Verna Love Sings
 "Plant a Tree for Your Tomorrow" by John Denver
Click Image to Play Video

Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney
and DNRC Urban Community Forest Coordinator
Celebrate Arbor Day in Dillon, MT 

Cost share trees help to beautify Dillon's 
If you notice your boulevard needs a tree,
why not explore our cost share program

Some reasons trees need to be removed
and replaced with a new tree

Montana Urban and Community Forestry

For more information about Urban Forestry
Please visit our partners at

Plant your own tree with our cost share program


Member of Montana Retired Educators help plant narrowleaf cottonwood trees on the Parkview Elementary School campus 2019

ISA Certified Arborists help to prune Boulevard trees
with a grant made possible by Montana DNRC

Arbor Day 2019 Dillon Middle School

Assistance from the
 Montana Youth Challenge Academy

Dillon, Montana - Trail of Trees

This map can be opened using the Google Maps App for Apple iOS, Android, or Windows.  Check it out in the App stores.

To Learn from past and present

Northern Rockies Tree School Presentations Please click Here

Beautiful spring crabapple bloom
at the Dillon Public Library

Swenson Way boulevard project
During and After restoration work
Thanks to the Dillon Middle School Students and community that helped

That's a Rap!

Now that's a Rap! 
Geoff Roach raps with Dillon Elementary Student
for Arbor Day

A rotten green ash removed before it did damage to a parked vehicle near Mary Ennes
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