Tree Inventory

A complete tree inventory was completed in the Fall of 2016 and accounts for all the public trees in the Dillon Community.  The inventory includes trees at the University of Montana Western, the City of Dillon, trail system and parks around the community and the Dillon Cemetery.

A Total of 2,043 Public trees were counted in this inventory.

More on the Benefits of Dillon's Public Trees calculated from this inventory can be found on Benefits of Dillon's Trees

Best forestry practices states that no single species should represent more than 10% of the total population, and no single genus more than 20%.  The dominance of any single species or genus can have detrimental consequences in the event of storms, climate change, drought, disease, pests, or other stressors that can severely affect an urban forest and the flow of benefits and costs over time.

In Dillon , green ash (30%) and Spruce Species (21%) are overrepresented.

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive beetle pest native to eastern Asia which threatens significant fiscal and environmental impacts.  While not yet identified in Montana, the beetle has been spreading rapidly across the United States since its introduction.  EAB larval feeding disrupts the flow of nutrients and water, effectively girdling (and eventually killing) the tree.  This feeding behavior combined with their fast reproduction cycle means that EAB is highly destructive to ash populations.  30% of Dillon’s community forest is comprised of ash species.  This population represents a leaf surface area of 3,310,298 ft², and replacement value of $2,637,403.


Montana DNRC assists in managing the Dillon Tree Board Database

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